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Attract bats to your garden

Rather than getting rid of bats, why not improve their lives and create bat boxes for them, since they do so much for us?

Bat numbers are currently on the wane. With the number of bats increasingly lowering, we need to find out how to attract bats to our outdoor areas, and provide them with some warm shelter to help them see many winters to come.

Be Patient With Bats

Remember to be patient with bats, and remember that bats may take a little while longer to find your bat box than you may be expecting or hoping for, but there are ways you can speed things up and attract bats to your garden, and to your bat box.

To Attract Bats, You Must Attract Insects

To attract bats to your garden, you should attract insects. There are different ways to attract insects. Insects are often found underneath logs, so a few logs in your garden wouldn’t hurt.

Cottage garden plants and wildflowers, particularly annuals, are attractive to insects, as are night-scented flowers and herbs. Increasing the number of insects in your garden will ultimately attract bats.

Plant flowers that moths like, because bats love moths.

The following flowers will attract moths to your garden, which will attract bats:

  • Barberry
  • Centaury
  • Foxglove
  • Golden Rod
  • Lemon Balm
  • Herb Bennet
  • Ragged Robin
  • Wild Pansy
  • Wild Clematis
  • Wild Basil

Not only do these plants look nice, but they will eventually lead to bats in your garden and you doing your bit to give bats a nice, warm and secure place to live.